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The process melting of sterling silver and gold walks this beautiful line between sculpted silver and melted destruction. It is in the process of controlling the heat and walking that fine line that Gillian Trask jewelry embraces unusual forms and shapes in that are organic in look, but fiercely empowering to wear.

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    A Reminder

    Of just how strong you are. Small circles of empowerment wrapped around your finger to remind you that YOU ARE YOU. You are beautiful to the core and no one can take that away from you.

    The Iso Stackable Ring

    Introducing Quorra; Melted Handmade & Linear Movement

    The Quorra Series is a subtle composition of straight lines with melted subtlety. Quorra is ultimate perfection with an organic edge.

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    18k Yellow Gold

    Like butter, but more delicious.

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    About the Artist

    About the Artist

    Born in Los Angeles, California, and having lived in New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Florida, Gillian now calls Savannah, Georgia home. Gillian obtained a BFA from James Madison University in 1999 and her second BFA from California Institute of Arts in 2002. She freelanced as a print designer, and in 2010 Gillian joined Signet's Jared the Galleria of Jewelry and in the following years worked her way to General Management.

    It was through obtaining her Masters of Arts degree at Savannah College of Art and Design in 2019, that Gillian Karatassos found her direction as a Jewelry Designer and Maker, and the birth of Gillian Trask.

    Jewelry Highlights

    • March 24, 2020 CASA Savannah - Giving Back & How We Empower Others
      CASA Savannah - Giving Back & How We Empower Others
      At Gillian Trask we believe that every child should have a chance to live the best life they can.  A percentage of all sales go to CASA For Children, Savannah, GA.
    • March 12, 2020 In The Works!
      In The Works!
      Mother's birthstone Iso Pendant in the works! To be announced soon!
    • February 06, 2020 Elegant Quorra Gatekey Earrings
      Elegant Quorra Gatekey Earrings
      Slim Elegant Defined and Organic Lines


      Subtle Movement

      The Quorra Gatekey Earrings
      are a comfortable choice with
      a powerful pop.


      Quorra Gatekey Earrings
      make a statement

      If you love the idea of a look that stops
      traffic, pair these earrings with the Gate
      Key pendant. Accent with a couple of Iso
      Stackables and you have an elegant and
      streamlined look.

      Check out the entire  

    • February 06, 2020 Flynn Cuff: Which color would you choose?
      Flynn Cuff: Which color would you choose?
      Melted Organic Natural Perfection


      Flynn Cuff is the original design
      exploration of the sculpting process.

      Deconstructed, melted and built
      back up, this sculpted cuff is a
      testament to the power of

      Which Color Will You Choose?

      Antiqued Patina Sterling
      or Polished Sterling

      You decide which will become
      your emblam of empowerment.

      Pick your  


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