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About Gillian Trask

I believe that everyone deserves to express their gorgeous soul. Every woman has a power that exceeds her wildest imagination and she should be able to wear it as quietly or as boldly as she chooses.

When I go to my source of inspiration, I tap into a place that is bigger than me. This process is almost meditative. I ride that fine line of melted metal and push that sterling silver to the point of destruction. I pull it apart, bend it until it cracks and I melt it back together again. I sculpt and push and pull while the silver is in a moldable state. I then create it into something beautiful. Sourcing from my own raw emotion to sculpt the piece into something powerful and unique is ultimately what fuels the creation of my pieces. 

Like you, I have searched for that special piece that gives voice to my inner wonder woman, which is why I create with the intention of delivering more than beautiful jewelry. My designs are meant to bring out your inner power and allow it to shine.

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